Delivering great resident
We are on a mission to build connected communities by empowering residents and
service providers.
Why Nivasi

Taking resident experience from messaging apps to a more credible and simplistic place.

Visibility for resident owned businesses

Get the visibility you deserve! If you are a resident and have a valuable service that can benefit the community, you can now list your services on Nivasi app for free, after ensuring you have the necessary approval of your RWA (Resident Welfare Association).

Resident referred service providers

Rely on service providers referred by other residents within the community to address your day-to-day needs. Refer excellent service providers to your community so that all residents can benefit from their service.

Peer validated reviews

Residents can now seamlessly provide reviews of service providers they’ve engaged with, and read service provider reviews from other residents before engaging them.

Buy & Sell within community

Easy product listing, automatic expiration, notification features, filters and many other capabilities.

Simple search to find providers

Convenient search by keyword to identify the service provider matching the resident’s needs

Exclusive offers*

Many local businesses are eager to provide discounts to members of communities. View offers on the Nivasi app and avail them at your convenience.

*This feature is currently under development

Looking for a demo?
If your community is in India, and you are interested in having Nivasi mobile app for your community, please fill out the enquiry form below.